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Yin Yoga & Nidra for self love and acceptance

Not everyone makes a resolution each January, but chances are you have at least once in your life made a New Year's Resolution. Think back over past resolutions and shine a light on them. What were they all about? If you are like most people, your resolutions were to change something about yourself: either there was something that you were doing that you wanted to no longer do, or there was something that you were not doing that you vowed to start doing.

 "I resolve to accept my body just as it is right now!"
 "I resolve to allow my anger/fear/depression to manifest without judgement."
 "I resolve to let ... (fill in the blank) ... just be"
These are "yang" resolutions relating to activities: resolving to do something or refraining from doing something, or in other words to change yourself or your life in some way. These can be wonderful intentions and there are times, not necessarily only on January 1st, when we do need to tap into our yang energies and change the course of our lives, but to be balanced, we also need to look at the yin aspects of such intentions.

Balance requires consciously honouring both the yin and yang energies of life. Yang is about change, movement, passion, climbing great heights, and accomplishing great deeds. Yin is about acceptance, allowing, stillness, enjoying the present moment and doing small everyday tasks as if they were great deeds.

This Yin and restorative workshop we will be mindful with a heart and lung meridian sequence to open ourselves up to accept, allow and nourish our trueself.