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Spinal Integration– with Catherine Annis

Date: 8Th Feb, 2020
Time: 11.00am – 5.30pm
Price: With a vegetarian Lunch: £85, Without lunch: £75.

Join Catherine on this yoga workshop to increase your awareness and understanding of the spine, and how it acts at the heart of our yoga practice.

Our spine is a spectacular piece of engineering. With 33 interlocking bones, 24 moving vertebrae and 139 synovial joints, it is the initiator and driver of all our movement. It’s intimately involved in all our movements, from sitting, to standing, running, walking and breathing.

In yoga, it’s at the heart of our practice. It feels good to consciously initiate our movements from our spines and supports us in becoming more integrated and centred. This integration informs and benefits our bodies in all movements, complex and simple, so we begin to move with more ease and grace.

During this practical yoga workshop we’ll learn more about:

∗ the anatomy of the spine and its relationship to the whole body

∗ its role as housing and protector of the central nervous system

∗ how the spine initiates and responds to our movements

∗ its delicacy, strength and adaptability

Finally, we’ll explore the central question: Can we learn to feel our spine, and relate to it as the central organ of all our movement? And can this understanding help us to become more centred and integrated, in all our movements, simple and complex?

Suitable for all levels
Early bird discount if booked before May month end: £5OFF - deduct £5 from the published price.