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Thai Massage Workshop (with Lisa Colclough)

Thai Massage Workshop, Saturday 4th May, 2pm-4pm, £30

@ The Core Zone, The Old Stables, Middleton Cheney, Banbury

Thai Massage combines flowing sequences and focused acupressure techniques to create a unique healing therapy.

This form of bodywork uses sequences of soft tissue pressing, stretching and considered movement to strengthen joints, improve flexibility and maintain posture.

Sustained acupressure with palms, thumbs, elbows and feet is used to help remove blockages and free the tension inside knotted muscles.

Thai Massage promotes a high level of fitness and treats common problems including back pain, stiff neck, shoulder problems, sciatica, migraines.

As well as the many physical benefits including a more efficient immune system, Thai Massage encourages relaxation and improves the receiver’s energy levels. A truly healing experience.

Open to all, Teachers and therapists whom might like to incorporate this style of therapy within there 1-1 sessions, students or anyone whom might enjoy giving and receiving a thai massage.

Includes Snacks and Herbal teas