We are what we eat, What shall we eat?

For past generations, each season brought with it a harvest of different fruit and vegetables, these harvests complement the seasons, lighter foods in the spring and summer, heartier, comfort foods in winter.

We now expect all of our favourite produce, regardless of the season to be on the shelf. However, convenience comes at a cost—we are increasingly disconnected from our food, how it’s made, or when it’s harvested. This disregard for our growing seasons is a real cause for concern, obesity, rise in ready-meals and general reluctance to cook; I say let’s eat food that is in-season and local—but why?

Knowing what is in season will help the planet and your wallet

Seasonal food is fresher since it has traveled fewer miles to get on your plate, this reduces greenhouse gas emissions, plus being at the peak of its supply means in-season produce prices are generally lower.

Seasonal food is less reliant on chemicals and pesticides.

Use of harmful chemicals to secure out-of-season harvests is often standard procedure. Choosing seasonal produce is a more earth-friendly choice.

Get creative and try new dishes.

Eating seasonal can actually enrich your palate rather than restrict it! Experiment with delicious seasonal flavours and benefit from the taste of fresh foods in new dishes, all good!

I know shifting our routine food system is not an easy task but making it a point to eat seasonal produce is a small step to help reshape what the future of food will look like. Let’s bring back bolder flavours and support local farmers, sustainable farming practices and our food economies.

Lets Get Seasonal, We are what we eat…

Lets Get Seasonal, We are what we eat…