I have bleeps in my personal life like everyone, which effect me physically and of course mentally, this normally results in bad eating habits, followed by lack of energy, weight gain, mood swings and basically not feeling as healthy as I would like (recognise this feeling??). In May I ran a slightly differently themed yoga retreat, Yoga, Fitness and life coaching retreat,  I had the pleasure of Jo Langridge from Reach for fitness co teach on this weekend, as always I learn and am motivated so much from other instructors, this weekend motivated me to get fitter and healthier myself,  so I can offer the best of me to my yoga clients, after all that’s what they deserve and not forgetting so do I.

Jo started with me on one of my first yoga class's on my return to the UK nearly 2 years ago, she will tell you herself how well the 2 practices compliment each other., however as she is so totally amazing at what she does she got very busy with her 1-1 coaching and couldn't find the time to attend her weekly yoga class. However, we have found the perfect solution, every week Jo and I get together for just over an hour of1-1 pt and yoga, I very much look forward to my Wednesdays with Jo., Jo is working with me 1-1 with weight training and strengthening workouts in her private home gym, in return I take her through a vinyasa flow to target and increase her flexibility, not forgetting the breathing and a short well needed relaxation at the end to energise and reset. Jo has totally inspired me not only with the sometimes rather hard routines using weights but has also motivated me with healthy eating habits and ideas.

Whilst I am team yoga all the way, its important to find a balance, eat well, drink an abundance of water,  walk, run, bike, swim or sign up with Jo at Reach for Fitness to give you that motivation and results your looking for...!!